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Reading Interventions

Reseña del editor If children with reading difficulties are not given early help, their problems persist through the school years. This book reviews the causes of reading difficulties and examines different techniques which have been developed to help children overcome them. The authors focus on several well-known reading interventions including Reading Recovery, a one-to-one programme developed by Mary Clay in New Zealand. They describe the findings of their large-scale UK evaluation of Reading Recovery which demonstrated the effectiveness of this programme compared to phonological intervention and also a control group. The researchers identified Reading Recovery as particularly effective for urban children living in poverty. The authors explore the cost effectiveness of different reading interventions. They found Reading Recovery much more effective than the routine help offered in schools to children failing to make progress. This book should be of interest for all involved in the development of children's reading skills in psychology and education.

Reading Interventions: Kathy Sylva: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
Reading Interventions: Kathy Sylva: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
Kathy Sylva,Reading Interventions,John Wiley and Sons Ltd,0631200584,Education & Teaching,EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / General,JUVENILE NONFICTION / Language Arts / General,Education,Educational: English language & literacy,Teaching of a specific subject,Educational: first/native language,English,ANF: Education,Didaktik / Methodik / Schulpädagogik / Fachdidaktik,Englisch,Fachspezifischer Unterricht,Schule und Lernen: Erstspracherwerb


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