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Christian Higher Education and Postmodernity: Institutional Fallibilism (Routledge Research in Religion and Education)

Reseña del editor There has been much dialogue among higher education scholars regarding the implications of the emergent postmodern paradigm, and thought leaders in the evangelical world have noted with concern the postmodern challenge to exclusivist truth claims. However, few have sought to situate the challenges Christian higher education faces within the larger shifts in practice taking place across the wider postsecondary sector. This volume is the first to describe an empirically-informed model for Christian colleges and universities to successfully address the challenges of postmodernity. This volume broadly draws upon recent cultural and philosophical history to describe the present institutional context, using organizational theory to explore the competing demands found within the Christian college’s key constituencies. It introduces new testing models for institutional practice, and concludes with a consideration of how institutional fallibilism might contribute to a reconstructed public sphere in postmodernity. Biografía del autor P. Jesse Rine is director of research and grants initiatives at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities in Washington, DC .

Christian Higher Education and Postmodernity: Institutional Fallibilism Routledge Research in Religion and Education: P Jesse Rine: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
Christian Higher Education and Postmodernity: Institutional Fallibilism Routledge Research in Religion and Education: P Jesse Rine: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
P Jesse Rine,Christian Higher Education and Postmodernity: Institutional Fallibilism (Routledge Research in Religion and Education),Routledge,113801382X,Education,Higher,Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects,Adult & Further Education,EDUCATION / Higher,EDUCATION / Philosophy & Social Aspects,EDUCATION / Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects,Education/Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects,RELIGION / Education,Religion/Education,Christianity,Philosophy & theory of education,Higher & further education, tertiary education,Education / Teaching,ANF: Education,Charles Sanders Peirce,Christian orthodoxy,Evangelical,Jacques Derrida,Jean-François Lyotard,Michel Foucault,Postmodern,epistemology,modernism,organizational theory,postmodern paradigm


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