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Meta-analysis Using R

Meta-analysis Using R: Terri Pigott, Ryan Williams, Joshua R. Polanin: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
Meta-analysis Using R: Terri Pigott, Ryan Williams, Joshua R. Polanin: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
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Conducting a meta-analysis with R

Meta-analysis synthesizes a body of research investigating a common research question. This video provides a practical and non-technical guide showing you ...

Conducting Meta Analysis in R

Using R and the metafor package to conduct meta-analysis. See these previous posts for more information and code: ...

Biostatistics in R - introduction to meta analysis in R

In this video you will learn how you can perform a meta analysis by using the library meta in R. For those of you who are at the very beginning with R, here is a ...

How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis of Proportions in R

The preprint of the written version of the tutorial has been posted on my ResearchGate page: ...

R video for meta-analysis

Assessing meta-analysis study quality using R

This video is the first in a series of non-technical guides showing you how to perform a meta-analysis in R. In this video, I'll be walking through the assessment of ...

1 Introduction to metafor for meta-analysis in R

Overview of videos for using metafor in R to compute a meta-analysis.

Conducting Mixed Effects Meta-Analysis in R

How to conduct mixed effects meta-analysis using the R metafor package.

Meta regression using Comprehensive Meta-Analysis


Forest plot in R | English || by Easy Stat

Step by step guide is given here for the code meaning. If you want to creat meta data and facing trouble comment here. I'll make a video on that. Also I have ...

Retrieve and analyze a gene expression data set from NCBI GEO in R

R script is available at: SBIO386, Spelman College, Fall ...

15 Sensitivity

Sensitivity analyses for meta-analysis with metafor. Funnel plot asymmetry test, forest plot by precision, outliers, leave-one-out analysis.

Livecoding a meta-analysis in R

This is a livestream of a correlational meta-analysis in R via my Twitch channel: For the script, see my paper ...

Extracting Data for Meta-Analysis: Step 1

How to locate the outcomes of interest in different types of research articles Table of Contents: 00:00 - Data Extraction for Meta-Analysis 00:14 - 00:51 - 01:25 ...

Meta-Analysis 001

Meta-Analysis 001.

11 Funnel

Funnel plots including trim-and-fill for meta-analysis.

Meta-Analysis Example Part I

Introduction to meta-analysis 1

A brief introduction to sytematic reviews and meta-analyses, part 1 of 2. Focuses on the interpretation of published meta-analyses.

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