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Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples


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INQ13 | Linda Tuhiwai Smith and Eve Tuck - "Decolonizing Methodologies"

Decolonizing Methodologies, Introduction

Decolonizing Methodologies, Introduction

Linda Tuhiwai Smith on "Heritage and Knowledge: Decolonizing the Research Process"

In her Munro Lecture at SFU's Harbour Centre, Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith shares her tremendous insights into indigenous knowledge, language ...

Decolonizing Methodologies: Can relational research be a basis for renewed relationships?

Dr. Shawn Wilson and Dr. Monica Mulrennan talk about the importance of decolonizing research methodologies. They describe the ways in which research can ...

Decolonizing Knowledge

Decolonizing Knowledge is a conversation between Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Dr. Michelle Fine, and Dr. Andrew Jolivette on community-based research within ...

Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith sharing her thoughts on Indigenous Research processes at He Manawa Whenua.

reading of Linda Tuhiuai Smith Decolonizing Methodologies

Filmed: Tues Sept. 25, 2012. Location: Global Economic North. Technical: testing a different background and lighting. exploring indigenous methods. this ...

Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Research Methodologies: chuutsqa's Story

Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples

Pedagogy of the Decolonizing | Quetzala Carson | TEDxUAlberta

Panic is not prayerful”, notes Quetzala Carson, while speaking on the challenging nature of the dialogue surrounding colonial violence; colonial violence is ...

Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples

Use of Indigenous/Indigenist Research Methodologies

Indigenous Methodologies Michele Sam HD

Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith made CNZM

Her parents have had a long career in education, so it's not surprising Linda Smith ended up in the same field. She's the daughter of Sir Hirini and Lady June ...

Research, Decolonization, and Leadership

This is clip 1 from the December workshop focusing on the role of the researcher in colonization and strategies for Ktunaxa leaders to change the trajectory of ...

By Linda Tuhiwai Smith Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples 2nd Revised edit

Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples

To the colonized, the term 'research' is conflated with European colonialism; the ways in which academic research has been implicated in the throes of ...

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