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Practical Research in Education: A Guide for Teachers and Students

Reseña del editor With the voluminous literature available on educational research, how do 'hands on' researchers find a book that offers them immediate help with their dissertation or project? A heavily academic approach can make educational research seem to be a minority interest, rather like Sanskrit or quantum physics. This book, while not sacrificing academic accuracy, depth and rigour, aims to demonstrate that awareness and practical experience of educational research can be useful elements of teachers' developing professional knowledge and skills, be it at initial teacher training and, increasingly, at postgraduate levels. It seeks to encourage its readers to research their practice through a clear explanation of the stages of research and to consider the use of a variety of research methods. Placing itself in an international context, most of all, this book aims to interest readers in the wide scope of educational research, showing them that the activity has relevance to what they do in the real world. This is particularly important with governmental emphasis on evidence-based policy-making and its direct intervention in what is taught in the classroom - and how. The book has a practical approach and is written in an approachable, 'can-do' style, with a discussion of the linked issues and possible consequences for practitioners. It offers exercises that take readers through the stages of writing a research proposal.

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Practical Research in Education: A Guide for Teachers and Students: Helen Johnson: Libros en idiomas extranjeros
Helen Johnson,Practical Research in Education: A Guide for Teachers and Students,SAGE Publications Ltd,1848601735,Juvenile Nonfiction / School & Education,Educational: General studies / study skills general,Research methods: general


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