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Rahul Mehrotra | The Kinetic City

In this excerpt from an interview with architect, urban designer and educator Rahul Mehrotra, he explains the Kinetic City, a concept rooted on the ephemeral ...

Rahul Mehrotra | Mumbai - Kinetic City

Filmed within the opening of the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism: Imminent Commons. Filmed and edited by Daniel Ruiz.

Las Vegas CTO Demos Cisco Kinetic for Cities

Michael Sherwood, CTO of the City of Las Vegas, demonstrates to the press how the city is leveraging Cisco Kinetic for Cities.

Kinetic City: Designing For Informality In Mumbai

Speaker: Professor Rahul Mehrotra This event was recorded on 18 May 2010 in Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building Mumbai, a Kinetic City, presents a ...

Kinetic for Cities Dashboard Demo

Building a model "Kinetic Picture" / Unpacking a Gift (

Unpacking a Gift ( Building a model "Kinetic Picture" - You can Buy it on our ...

How The Shed was made: The kinetic architecture of New York’s newest cultural institution

The Shed's concept is simple: It's the 120-foot tall building that moves. This idea is both its architectural hallmark and its metaphor for the future of culture.

Robert Hirshon - Kinetic City Super Crew - 1996 Peabody Award Acceptance Speech

Winner 1996 | American Association for the Advancement of Science This thoroughly entertaining children's radio program presents exciting radio dramas which ...

Kinetic Wave Orchestra / Indigo City (Original Mix)

Stream/download it at The debut of Kinetic Wave Orchestra, the ...


Enjoy the build process of a Kinetic Picture! More assembly kits here: My shop: The ...

Kinetic picture by WOODEN.CITY

Is this a mechanical watch? You did not guess. This is the model of the "KINETIC PICTURE"! Start the mechanism with a special key and the optical illusion will ...

DIY How To Make Forest City with Kinetic Sand, Mad Mattr, Slime and Learn Colors

DIY How To Make Forest City with Kinetic Sand, Mad Mattr, Slime and Learn Colors ZIC ZIC COLORS FOR KIDS Thank you for watching and don't forget to ...

Enzo's Kinetic City

My own creation. Enzo City!

Elii - Kinetic City

BEST Present EVER It is a "Kinetic picture" WOODEN.CITY

"Kinetic picture" It is BEST Present EVER - KINETIC PICTURE Is this a mechanical watch?

Pegasus - The Making of a Kinetic Sculpture

Pegasus - This is the video of the making of Pegasus as my entry in the Brisbane City Council Recycled Art Competition 2016 Go to: to ...

Kinetic Void: Building a Huge Space City

Having thought my last ship was enormous but being quickly put to shame, I decided to take things to the extreme and (simply put) create possibly one of the ...

Jay Eskar - Kinetic

Jay Eskar - Kinetic Subscribe here: Free Download: Submit a Track/Demo: ...

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