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Critical Thinking: Statistical Reasoning and Intuitive Judgment (English Edition)


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Statistical Arguments

Prof. Matt McCormick's Critical Thinking course lecture on statistical arguments.

Induction: Statistical Syllogism & Enumerative Generalization

The continuation of our discussion of Inductive Inferences, this time focusing on Statistical Syllogisms and Enumerative Generalizations.

Mathematical Thinking: Crash Course Statistics #2

Today we're going to talk about numeracy - that is understanding numbers. From really really big numbers to really small numbers, it's difficult to comprehend ...

Episode 4.4 Understanding Causal Reasoning

CRITICAL THINKING - Fundamentals: Bayes' Theorem [HD]

In this Wireless Philosophy video, Ian Olasov (CUNY) introduces Bayes' Theorem of conditional probability, and the related Base Rate Fallacy. Subscribe!

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning (Bacon vs Aristotle - Scientific Revolution)

In order to understand the Scientific Revolution, it is essential for students to understand the new ways of scientific thinking that surfaced during the 17th century.

Understanding Fallacies and their Seductive Abuse of Reasoning

Critical thinking means being able to think for yourself; to ask what is really going on in the world; to see through others' efforts to manipulate you. It's also a set of ...

CRITICAL THINKING - Fundamentals: Correlation and Causation

In this Wireless Philosophy video, Paul Henne (Duke University) explains the difference between correlation and causation. Subscribe! More ...

Psychological Research: Crash Course Psychology #2

Want more videos about psychology every Monday and Thursday? Check out our sister channel SciShow Psych at!

Critical Thinking Word Problem Part 1

Critical Thinking Word Problem Part 1.

GMAT Tuesday: Critical Reasoning Strategies - Efficiency

Check out this video to learn how knowing the question types and knowing what to look for will save you time on the Critical Reasoning section of the GMAT.

Critical Thinking - Data and Claims

This first lecture explores the two basic components of critical thinking and argumentation: data and claims. We will explore the distinction between personal ...

Statistical Reasoning for Public Health Estimation, Inference, & Interpretation 1

What are Logical Fallacies? What is an invalid argument? [Logic Reasoning Critical Thinking Skills]

a funny poem about types of logical fallacy: ad hominem; ad ignorantiam; post hoc ergo propter hoc; ignoratio elenchi; non sequitur; petitio principii; and arguing ...

44 Thursdays With Ron September 22, 2011 Critical Reasoning Problems Numbers and Statistics

Fundamentals of Statistical Reasoning in Education

Arguments From Analogy / Analogical Arguments - Critical Thinking

Arguments From Analogy / Analogical Arguments - Critical Thinking.

The Bayesian Trap

Bayes' theorem explained with examples and implications for life. Check out Audible: Support Veritasium on Patreon: ...

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